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It's Decided.

Rolling a female orc monk come MoP launch, because even though the monk animations move the model in ways it was never meant to bend, it still looks pretty damn fierce:

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I still keep my authenticator with my keys

Wow, I hardly ever come to LJ anymore. But if anyone sees this and happens to have a tumblr... well.

Anyway, I've been good. Settled in to the new city very nicely. Been working at a bead shop for the past couple of months (through the unemployment agency though, not as a paid employee) and learnt a lot about beading. Played all Mass Effect games and a bit of Skyrim, but mostly Mass Effect because Bioware has a knack for writing characters I absolutely love.

And for the past week or two I've been having these WoW withdrawal symptoms. I miss the fun times and the guildies and facerolling of old raids for the lulz and the occasional rare drop mount, and I miss my characters. But then I think about how disappointed I was in the game for almost a year before I quit, mainly due to ham-fisted or just boring writing and Blizzard's steadfast refusal to stop catering to the dudebros.
And still I keep getting these sudden flashes of, like, Scarlet Monastery or The Bone Wastes and sighing fondly.

Then I also remember that my computer can't seem to handle long bouts of 3D graphics anymore, so it's probably best to not inflict myself on an online environment before I've upgraded at least the case and power source, and possibly the graphics card if the problem doesn't lie in the airflow or the PSU. But since a new graphics card would necessitate a new case and PSU anyway, I'm starting with those two.

Mar. 27th, 2012

Hee, the female Imperial Agent in SWTOR has the same voice actor as Female Hawke. The fact that I could tell pretty much instantly means one of two things: either I’m getting pretty good at recognizing voices or I play entirely too much Dragon Age 2.
Okay so I managed to move without any major problems. Actually I moved on Saturday, but couldn't get properly online until today. The modem is in my roommate's room and although my computer was (eventually) able to connect wirelessly, the signal was very weak and my connection kept flickering out. So I bought a 15-metre cable today and I can finally surf again. Fortunately my roommate has been itching to show me SO MANY MOVIES, so the lack of Internet wasn't that big a problem.

Seriously, on Sunday alone we watched Captain America: The first Avenger, Thor, Iron Man, and a few episodes of various TV shows.

Mar. 15th, 2012

I seem to have received a 7-day trial of SW:TOR. (lol is this legit?) The email says I have 14 days to redeem it, which is good because I'm in the middle of a move and probably couldn't play very much if I started the trial right now.

The beta was fun enough though, so I expect I'll give it another go after the 24th.

I have issues

The Internet is making me feel old again.

Not because I don't understand this new-fangled technology and the kids with their animus and OTPs - no, I participate in all of that. I'm still cool u guise.

It's just that all of a sudden the 90's are being treated as old school, and I haven't even quite adjusted to the fact that not everyone born in the nineties is twelve years old. In fact practically nobody born in the nineties is twelve, because even the youngest of them will be turning 13 this year. And please understand that I don't mean any of this in an elitist way; I was born in the late 80's so I can't claim to be anything but a 90's kid myself.

But that just may be the root of the problem: the nineties can't be "old school" because that was my childhood, and my childhood was yesterday. I don't feel like an adult most days, so how could anyone younger than me be one?

Jan. 29th, 2012

Ugh, the temperature in my apartment has dropped by several degrees in the last 24 hours. That means I need to call someone in to get the air out of my radiators. Again. And that means I need to tidy up before I can allow anyone in here.


ETA: Huh, the issue seems to have corrected itself. First time that's ever happened.

One Piece 652


One Piece's latest chapter. My goodness it's good to see old friends again.

And... and maybe before the next arc starts we could get a glimpse of some more of the characters who (I assume) are too recurring to show up on the title page? Please? I want to know how everyone is doing
I spend my days glaring at the prices of Skyrim and SW:TOR, waiting for them to go down. Meanwhile I allow WoW to keep taking my money even though Cataclysm is and has always been pretty meh.

The thing is, with WoW, even though the game isn't as fun as it used to be, at least I'm familiar with it and I have seven characters at level cap and with maxed-out professions and enough gold to get by. Also I'm invested in the lore, even if it does get stupider every patch. With SW:TOR, even though I know from the beta that the gameplay is fun and all, I'm not all that interested in Star Wars itself, which is a problem. Also the playable races all look very human. That's one area where WoW still beats every other MMO I've tried: there's nice variation in the way the playable races look.

Also SW:TOR's subscription is apparently higher than WoW's.

With Skyrim I just want the price to drop, because I know it will. Dragon Age 2 went from around 50e to 30-15e (depending on the store) in under a year. I don't need Skyrim so badly that I can't wait.